Health Department participates in King's College Day of Service

David S. Yonki, Michele M. McGowan, Matt Engel, Yasser Alibrahim
David S. Yonki, Michele M. McGowan, Matt Engel, Yasser Alibrahim

The Wilkes-Barre Health Department participated in the King’s College Holy Cross Day of Service on April 26th. King’s students and faculty members worked on projects as volunteers inside and outside various organizations.

This year a team from King’s College helped the Health Department Health Educators distribute STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accident, Death, and Injuries) to local medical practices. The kits help medical professionals identify patients at low, moderate, and high risk for a fall and offer other effective interventions.

After a quick tour of the Health Department at Kirby and Wilkes-Barre City Hall, the project was underway. More than 60 kits were distributed in a two-hour time frame.

Mayor Tony George said, “The City works every day with our local colleges and organizations in their efforts to make the community safer and more knowledgeable. The Health Department was happy to have King’s join us in promoting the well-being of our community's elderly population”.

Pictured in Photo (L-R) David S. Yonki, Health Educator; Michele M. McGowan, DBA, CPA, CIFHA Graduate Program Director in Health Care Administration; Matt Engel, Health Educator; and Yasser Alibrahim who will graduate with a master’s degree in Health Care Administration from King’s College’s McGowan School of Business this month.