City Controller

The City Controller shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. Examine, audit and verify all books, records and accounts of the various administrative and legislative units, departments, offices or officials under the control or supervision of the mayor or council, and for this purpose have access to all such books, records and accounts at any time.
  2. Examine and approve for payment all contracts, purchase orders, and other documents by which the city incurs financial obligations, having ascertained before approval that monies have been duly appropriated or provided for and allotted to meet such obligations.
  3. Audit and approve all bills, invoices, payrolls and other evidence of claims, demands or charges paid from city funds.
  4. Submit reports to the city council and the mayor of any records deemed in violation of law or contrary to accepted accounting procedures.
  5. Prepare and submit to council and to the mayor within sixty (60) days of the end of every fiscal year a complete financial statement of the affairs of the city with such comments as the controller deems appropriate.
  6. Employ a Deputy and/or other personnel essential to the accomplishment of his duties.
  7. Delegate any duty and/or responsibility to the deputy controller that he shall deem necessary.
  8. Audit authorities of the city as he deems appropriate and not contrary to law.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Darren Snyder City Controller 570.208.4142
Ray McHugh Deputy City Controller 570.208.4144
Bernadette Jacob Auditor/Clerk 570.208.4146