Bureau of Environmental Health Services

The Bureau of Environmental Health Services is responsible for protecting the City of Wilkes-Barre from unhealthy environmental conditions, through inspection and education. The presence of environmental health hazards poses a threat to the public health and safety of the community.

The Bureau of Environmental Health Services implements the following programs:

  • Quality of Life Inspections
  • Rental Inspections
  • Lead Risk Inspections
  • Food Establishment Inspections
  • Solid Waste Management Program
  • Vector Control Program
  • Water Pollution Program
  • Childcare Facility and Safety Program
  • Public Bathing Places Program
  • Tattoo/Body Piercing Establishment Licenses
  • Schools Program
  • Animal Control

The Wilkes-Barre City Health Department enforces public health requirements by providing inspections for the following establishments: bakeries, caterers, carrier pigeon, family care/group care, restaurants, tattoo and body piercing. The Health Department also provides reviews and other services to ensure that quality health and safety standards are maintained.

For more information on licensing, please contact the Wilkes-Barre City Health Department at (570) 208-4268.