City Council

Beginning January 13th, 2022 all Council Meetings will be Virtual until further notice.  They will be combined sessions with the work session beginning at 5:30PM with the regular session to immediately follow.

Further, the City Clerk is authorized to substitute dates of the meetings where they conflict with other scheduled events.
Further, the City Clerk is instructed to advertise these meetings.

City Council is the Legislative Branch of City Government. It is responsible for the laws of the City, approving and/or transacting city business as required by the City Charter and Administrative Code and by general laws of the Commonwealth and Federal Government. Council may act by the adoption of resolution, ordinance or motion during public meetings. All meetings shall be public, in accordance with the Council’s own Rules and Order of Business.

For City Council inquiries, please call the City Clerk's Office at 570.208.4117

City Council Meeting Schedule
City Council Meeting Agendas
City Council Meeting Minutes
Meeting Videos can be found under Regular Session Meeting Minutes.

All City Council Work and Regular Sessions are at 6:00 PM, unless noted otherwise, in City Council Chambers, 4th Floor, City Hall. 

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To contact your council person individually, use the contact list below.

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