Residential Parking Permits

Due to limited parking on certain city streets, residential parking permit passes have been authorized for residents of these streets. Please see list below for authorized streets. List is current as of 3/15/18.

18705Auburn Street (3-35)
18705Courtright Street (EMA to N. River; N. Main to N. River)
18705Cypress Street
18702East/West Elm Street
18702Kulp Street
18705East/West Linden Street
18705Madison Street (365 and up)
18702North Franklin Street (525 and up)
18705North Main Street (Near Hospital; 723-489)
18702North River Street
18702North Washingston Street (504-538; 618-675)
18702South River Street (234-295 between W. South & W. Ross Sts.)
18702West Chesnut Street
18702West Hollenback Street
18705West Maple Street
18702Wyoming Street
18702East North Street (20-22)
18702Madison Street (10-101)
18702North Washington Street (308-219 to Beaumont St.)
18701Bennett Street
18701North Franklin Street (107-117)
18702Church Street
18702Horton Street/Bertels Lane
18702Magnolia Avenue
18702Roosevelt Terrace
18702Sheldon Street
18702Stanley Street (Westerly side from intersection with Riverside Dr. to intersection with Terrace St.)
18702Terrace Street
18702Dana Street (131-192 Between Grove & Hazle)
18702Grove Street (55-96 Between Dana and Moyallen)
18702North Welles Street
18702Rose Lane
18702Winter Lane

  • Resident parking permit passes are $7.50/pass; limit 2 resident passes per household.
  • Visitor parking permit passes are $5/pass; limit 1 visitor pass per registered residential parking permit.
  • 2 Resident & 2 Visitor Permits MAX per household!
  • Permits are valid for one year and must be renewed prior to expiration.
  • Proof of residency is required (i.e. Driver License, State ID, lease, etc.)

Downtown Wilkes-Barre Residents, please click link to download
the Downtown Parking Permit Application.

Please complete the Parking Permit Passes Application and return to:
Revenue Office, Room 8
Attn: Permit Parking
1st Floor, City Hall
40 East Market Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711