Plan Your Event

Follow the steps to schedule an event for you or your organization:

  1. Decide on potential dates and times and the requested location rental (Kirby Park, Public Square, or other City-owned parks or fields) for your event.
  2. Identify need for the Bandshell or additional city services for your event. (Additional Fees Apply)
  3. Download and complete the Special Events Request Form and return it by email or mail or fax to the Office of Special Events.
  4. Provide the City with Proof of Insurance, naming The City of Wilkes-Barre as an additional insured for the event. 
  5. Sign and return required Indemnity Agreement.
  6. Provide payment via Check or Money Order payable to The City of Wilkes-Barre. Please see fee schedule below.
  7. Await event confirmation from Special Events Coordinator.
  8. Follow all city rules during your event.

Special Event Request Form

Fill out the Special Event Request Form return it to Special Events Coordinator Patty Hughes via:

Fax: 570.208.4187 
Mail: City of Wilkes-Barre, Attn: Special Events, 40 East Market Street, Wilkes-Barre PA 18711 .

Event requests do not guarantee a reservation for the date you select. Please have alternate dates available.

The Office of Special Events will contact you to confirm your event. The Office of Special Events does not provide event planning services.

All event payments must be mailed or paid in person, prior to the event, at the Special Events Office, 1st Floor, City Hall, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

*Proof Insurance, naming The City of Wilkes-Barre as an additional insured for event, and Signed Indemnity Agreement Required for all Rentals*

Special Events Rental Pricing & Fees

Kirby Park Pavilion #1$75 Payment + $50 Refundable Deposit
Kirby Park Pavilion #2$75 Payment + $50 Refundable Deposit
Kirby Park Pavilion #3$75 Payment + $50 Refundable Deposit
Wedding at Martz Amphitheater (Kirby Park)$100 Payment + $50 Refundable Deposit
Public Square$300 per day
Field Rentals
*To rent a field, please contact David Iskra at 570.208.4251.Field Rentals are $100 per field, per day.

Download the full Special Events Pricing list here.

Additional Services

Please make Special Events Coordinator aware of your needs for the following extra services when planning your event. Download the full Special Events Pricing list.

ServiceDescription & Pricing

Minor Electricity—No Charge

Electrician Present—$100 (2 hours minimum); $30 each additional hour


For events requiring police assistance, contact Patrolman Steve Lada for scheduling at 570.208.4204.


Each police officer works a minimum of 4 hours at $140 per officer. Each additional hour costs $35 per officer.


For events requiring fire fighters/paramedics contact Fire Chief Jay Delaney for scheduling at 570.208.4261.


Each firefighter/paramedic works a minimum of 2 hours at $120 per firefighter/paramedic. Each additional hour costs $30 per firefighter/paramedic.

DPW WorkersIf DPW workers are required for an event held on the weekend, an hourly rate will be determined based on your request.
Banner Hanging$50 charge for banner hanging


  • Alcoholic Beverages are NOT Permitted in City-Owned Parks and Fields.
  • Rain Dates: Rain dates will not be reserved. If your event is rained out, then you may call to reschedule another date. 
  • Garbage Removal: The event holder is responsible for removing all recyclables and cardboard generated by the event.
  • Parking: You may not drive through Kirby Park at any time. No vehicles may be parked at the pavilions or ball fields.
  • Please use designated parking lots only!
  • Please do not throw candy. You may hand it out along the route.
  • No entry can stop once they enter the parade route. This will allow us to keep the parade moving and concluded by the appropriate time.
  • Please follow all instructions given by a parade director or any coordinator, police officer on the parade route
  • No solicitation, no political or election material allowed.
  • Any activities encouraging spectators to shake hands or otherwise participate in the parade, thereby impacting parade time-lines and flow of parade, are not allowed.
  • All entries having music or sound amplifying systems shall maintain a volume that will not interfere with other entries, especially those with animals.
  • Animals must be controlled by means of a harness, halter, or leash, if not otherwise contained.
  • Driver must always stay with vehicle.
  • No Smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed during the parade.