Neighborhood Impact Team Addresses Nuisance Properties

Today the City of Wilkes-Barre’s Neighborhood Impact Team (NIT) conducted inspections of several properties on Hutson, Lehigh, Hickory, and Dana Streets and Park Avenue.

This was a regular, routine walkthrough of the Iron Triangle, in which City departments, including Health, Code, Police and Fire, as well as Parking Enforcement addressed any violations present.

According to Community Support Director and NIT Team Coordinator Joe Rodano, today’s efforts conducted resulted in:

  • 24 Quality of Life Citations Issued (high grass & weeds and/or trash & debris on property)
  • 1 property was posted/condemned
  • 8 Parking tickets Issued (illegal parking/no registration)

Since the start of 2017, the Neighborhood Impact Team’s NIT Hits resulted in finding numerous violations at nuisance properties throughout the city. Out of those properties, many were found to be unsecured and others were posted due to building and/or health code violations. Owners of properties that were found to be non-compliant to City Code Ordinances were cited accordingly.

“Today’s NIT hit was prompted by the complaints of the neighborhood’s residents. We have been addressing the issue for the past several weeks with saturation patrols and drug sweeps. The addition of health and code violations, we can address this nuisance properties multiple ways,” remarked Mayor George. “While a broken window may seem like a small problem, if not immediately fixed, it will snowball into larger problems affecting the street, the neighborhood, and the whole city.

“NIT Hits” are based on complaints made by city residents and received by various City departments. Mayor George thanks all the residents who have brought attention to many of these properties, as the City continues to address blighted properties.  In addition, Mayor George said the City is in the process of demolishing more blighted properties.

To report a blighted or nuisance property, contact the Mayor’s Helpline at 570-821-1111.