Contractor Licenses & Renewals

Wilkes-Barre City Contractor Licensing Information

Licenses require passing of the Contractor's Examiniation, payment, and a copy of the insurance certificate naming the City of Wilkes-Barre as the certificate holder. At this time, the City is not offering contractor's examinations. Please contact the Code Enforcement clerk for a list of testing sites. 

Complete the Contractor License Application/Renewal form online, download, and return to Code Enforcement with payment.

License Fees
All Contractor License Fees$200.00
Journeyman Plumbing & Electrical License$25.00
One-Time License (See below for more info)$200.00

All licenses have an expiration date on them. If a license is not renewed by its expiration date, a late fee is charged.

Late Fees
Late 1-45 Days                                             $25.00
Late 46-365 Days$100.00

A license may be placed in escrow for the life of the owner. Holds must be done yearly upon expiration. To remove the license from escrow, it is the cost of the yealy license plus removal fee.

Place a License on Hold                       $80.00
Place a Journeyman License on Hold$10.00
Take a License off Hold$45.00

Contractor License Renewal Due Dates

Master Electrician                                       June 30
BlacktopJune 30
Residential ElectricianJune 30
Demolition/ExcavationJune 30
General ContractorJune 30
MasonJune 30
Jobbing ContractorJune 30
Roofing & SidingJune 30
Swimming PoolsJune 30
SpecialtyJune 30

One-Time License

A one-time license is a license given once for a specific project (commercial or residential). The fee is $200 (as of 1/15/2020).  A one-time license will be issued upon review of submitted document by the Building Code Official.

If a contractor from another city or state comes to Wilkes-Barre to do a project, but does not posess a Wilkes-Barre license, the city requires 2 letters of recommendation from architects or engineers from the area where the contractor is licensed. A letter of recommendation from the building code official from where the contractor is licensed, or has previously completed project, will also be accepted, provided they are from a third class city or better. Additionally, proof of insurance is required to obtain a one-time license.